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Save these playlists designed to make summer moments even better

Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

The unofficial season of vacations and getaways, summer is made for adventures and exploring — and you definitely need the right playlist to go along with your travels. So whether you’re going on a day trip or spending some time cottaging, we have three perfect playlists to make those classic summer moments even better.

Summer road trip with the windows down

Whether you decide to take an impromptu tour near home or you’re heading out on a longer journey, there’s nothing more classic than a good summer road trip. It’s time to get out there and get loose, blame it on the juice of this awesome playlist…

Yes, you can benefit from the impact of influencers without a big investment

Influencer marketing has become so popular, this tactic is ubiquitous in digital marketing plans, for organizations, big or small.

While the celebrity level of influencer marketing grabs many headlines, it’s important to understand how well influencers can work for smaller businesses with more modest budgets.

There are so many ways to leverage the power of influencer marketing to achieve your goals, regardless of your organization’s size or budget:

  • Could your brand profit from better photos or news posts?
  • Would it be helpful to have a How To video demonstration of your product, service or app?
  • Do you want to tell…

There’s more to good web design than how it looks

Catapult Canada website, designed and developed by Rain Digital for the Rideau Hall Foundation

Prepare yourself for a very simple truth about web design: If the design is really good, your website visitors won’t even notice it. Think about it. Do you want your visitors to come to the site and think “wow, what a flashy design!” or do you want them to come to the site and complete an action, like buying your product or signing up for an event? Good design is so seamless and so intuitive that it allows your website visitors to accomplish their goals without getting in the way.

Yes, we are simplifying things — but isn’t that the…

By Heather Buttrum

I was a TikTok holdout for a lot of reasons.

From the outside looking in, it seemed like:

  • A platform for silly dance trends
  • Targeted to a much younger demographic than my 40-something one…👵🏻
  • Yet another social platform I needed to learn to be good at my job, when I am already struggling to keep up with the ones I do know about

Fast forward to now, where TikTok has taken a strong lead as my favourite social platform. Instead of my misconceptions, here’s what I actually found on TikTok:

  • A source of hope
  • A reminder of our shared humanity

The music you need to get through — or enjoy — rainy days

People often ask us if we really love rain. First of all — who doesn’t? For us, the name “Rain” and the concept of rain mean many things to us but above all, we believe Rain represents the unexpected and the breakthroughs that follow. ⠀

It takes a special kind of person to see the limitless potential that the rain can bring. Not saying we’re necessarily the Annie Lennox of the digital marketing world, but we’re not not saying it either. 😉

All jokes aside, we’ve compiled some of the best weather-themed tracks for your #WFH enjoyment.

The Eclectic Rain Playlist

This one…

A practical checklist you can use for your next project

By Heather Buttrum

The process of hiring a digital agency is painful and exhausting.

There. I’ve said it. (And I own a digital agency.)

We digital agencies have earned a pretty terrible reputation, and in a lot of cases, it’s warranted. It’s a world I’ve been a part of for more than two decades, working for agencies large and small, and I don’t envy the CMOs and marketing directors who have to sift through our obtuse — yet beautifully designed! — slide decks to try to figure out what the heck we’re actually proposing we’ll be doing for you.

By Kyle Rumble

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful ways to engage and grow your audience. Mailchimp is one of our favourite tools to help brands and businesses grow because of its flexibility and incredible segmentation and integration features, but there are some good things to keep in mind if you’re considering this platform. Read on for the five things you should know about Mailchimp when designing your email marketing strategy.

While virtual events started out of necessity, we are excited about their potential to make conferences even more engaging. One of the most important elements to keep in mind when designing a virtual experience is to ensure you aren’t just replicating the in-person event, but rather using your digital platform to open new doors and possibilities for your attendees and sponsors.

Watch this exchange between our president, Heather Buttrum and Mark Healy of the Ivey Academy on why virtual events are here to stay:

Watch the full video here

We recently developed a virtual conference for the Economic Developers Association…

As a company that has always championed working remotely, we rounded up some key tips from Team Rain, your official #WFH experts.

Kyle Rumble, Digital Specialist

My absolute best advice to being happy while working from home is to try and keep my work life and personal life as separate as possible. I’ve been fortunate enough to set up a home office now, but before that was a possibility I created a separate user on my computer for work. You could also use a separate internet browser for all of your work logins.

The idea is the same — fewer distractions while you are…

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